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Top of the Funnel Advertising for eCommerce

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Most ecommerce marketers focus on converting visitors to sales, but how do you effectively drive new visitors?

Your Marketing Funnel has 3 main stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Consideration
  3. Purchase

When setting up an E-Commerce campaign most try to start right at the bottom – SALES! However, generating overall awareness of your site, your product, and your company is extremely important. It’s sort of like planting the seed to generate the sale. With tools like commercetools you have the opportunity of creating your digital marketplace and distributing your products all over social media, which could help in raising your brand awareness.

Not EVERYONE knows WHO you are – or WHERE to find you online!. Awareness advertising is ultimately getting in front of the right people that don’t know you yet. The strategy of awareness advertising is to increase the number of people that know WHO you are, WHERE you are, and WHAT you do. At this point, an agence marketing digital could help you reach out to more customers online, build relationships with them across a wide range of channels and ultimately get them to make purchases from you.

If you are starting a business or expanding your existing business to a new part of the world, you may want to consider the audience first. If, for instance, you are planning on offering your business services to the Singapore market, then you can’t just market directly there without doing your research first. While a digital marketing agency singapore can certainly assist you with the marketing and SEO trends over there, it is up to you to research the demographics there and create products and services according to their needs. This requires breaking through the noise of all other marketing and product options. And targeting is key – you don’t want just anyone, right? You want your ideal customer to see your ad and click through to your online store.

When your e-store is just starting out and taking baby steps, it becomes important to reach the right people on the right platforms. Many new businesses (and even older ones) choose to take the help of full-service digital marketing agencies like iTonic to help them identify their main digital marketing goals and optimize on them. With the right techniques, there can be an increased ROI as the campaigns are driven in such a way as to bridge the gap between your e-commerce website and the people who are actually looking for what you offer.

So what are keys to reaching the right people?

  1. Be seen by AS MANY people as possible — REACH is the goal! When setting up campaigns be sure to make sure that reach and impressions remain your objectives (not sales).
  2. Targeting. Targeting. Targeting — You want your ideal customer shopping at your store. Geo-Targeting and demographics are key to finding this person but, also be sure to include any customer information you have as well. Customer lists and creating custom audiences will help you to narrow down your “broad” audience and ensure you are speaking to that ideal customer.
  3. LEARN — Learn from your results and your online store traffic and use it to your advantage. Retarget those people that visited, added something to their cart, purchased something, didn’t purchase something. Continue to optimize your audience and targeting to reach that ideal and then build upon it.

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About the Author
Nicole is a Senior Digital Marketing Account Manager for Engage121, she works with many small local and online businesses managing their digital marketing efforts. Nicole’s enthusiasm for digital marketing is contagious and shows in the many successful campaigns she has managed over the years.