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Over 50,000 Local Businesses Now Subscribe to HOT!Content

We are thrilled to announce over 50,000 local businesses now subscribe to HOT!Content™.  HOT!Content enables businesses to engage, build and retain a community of customers and prospects with relevant content; reputation monitoring and digital advertising. “We are excited to have reached this milestone,” said Kurt Strumpf, COO, “but we’re even more excited about the recent explosive growth of our subscribers. In the past year alone, our base has doubled – a trend that we expect will continue.” HOT!Content subscribers receive a daily email with curated content by industry; reputation monitoring and digital advertising services.  With HOT!Content, businesses experience how to build a loyal community and leverage that goodwill to grow their customer base. “Small business owners were hearing a lot about the potential of digital, but they didn’t really understand how to use it and learning how wasn’t high on their priority list,” said Strumpf. “We knew we had to offer them something that they could use ‘out of the box,’ that would deliver immediate results.” Andy Anderson, President of FASTSIGNS in Rochester, Minnesota sums up the enthusiasm subscribers have for the service: “Engage121 solutions keep my business active and current with engaging posts. And a lot of people are reached. It is definitely working. I love it!” “As our users’ confidence grows utilizing HOT!Content, so does their willingness to explore our paid digital marketing management and advertising subscription services, like our Digital Marketing Assistant solution,” says Strumpf. “It’s a mutually beneficial approach that helps keep both our clients and our company on the leading edge of this ever-evolving technology.” Our digital marketing solutions are designed specifically for the more than 25 million small businesses in the U.S. and Canada; including both franchised and independent local businesses in the real estate, financial and professional services, early education, direct selling, retail, restaurant, fitness, beauty sales, and home services industries, among others. And our services seamlessly integrate with social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube, as well as consumer review sites like Facebook, Google, Yelp and Zillow. We invite you to click here to learn more about HOT!Content. Please connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

Engage121 Celebrates 20 Years of Innovation in PR and Social Media Marketing

We are thrilled to celebrate our 20th year of providing innovative and time-saving solutions for PR, marketing professionals and small business clients. In our early years, we emerged as the technology leader in localized PR solutions for the franchise industry. From this experience promoting local businesses to local audiences, we recognized the value of social media marketing in building a loyal, local community of prospects and customers. In 2010, we launched our flagship social media management portal. Today, we offer a suite of no cost and subscription services that serve over 40,000 small and medium sized business owners in the U.S. and Canada. “Social media offers small and medium sized business owners an affordable and scalable way to promote their products and services and build their businesses’ reputations at the individual consumer level,” said Jon Victor, CEO of Engage121, Inc., “but entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of this potential face challenges. There’s a learning curve, it’s time consuming to do social media ‘right’, and it can be difficult to gain enough of an understanding about social media marketing to make the business decision to invest in it. As Engage121 moved toward its 20th year in business, we knew we had to make social media marketing for small business easy and time-efficient, and we had to give business owners a chance to try it before they made the decision to buy it. And that’s just what we’ve done.” Social Media Assistant is our professionally managed, full-service social media marketing solution. With Social Media Assistant, clients partner with our dedicated social media experts who post relevant and engaging content daily to their social sites, create and schedule advertising campaigns, and build each client’s reputation with social and review site response management. For small business owners not yet ready to invest in social media marketing but eager to test its potential for their businesses, we created our free HOT!Content™ service. Small business owners struggle to find the time to create and source fresh, eye-catching content for their social pages each day. With HOT!Content, clients receive a daily email with five interesting and engaging articles, images, and/or videos, curated by industry, ready to post to their social sites. Now small businesses can easily use social media marketing to build awareness of their businesses, identify new prospects, and cultivate customer loyalty with a minimal commitment of time and resources. Our innovative team continues to provide valuable solutions for our small business clients with the addition of two automated social media marketing services, at no cost. SmartPost selects the most relevant and engaging content and automatically posts it to our clients’ social sites to keep their social pages active. Reputation Monitor alerts your business when your average rating or number of consumer reviews changes on a variety of consumer review sites and blogs. “The past 20 years have been an exciting and challenging time in the PR and marketing technology industry,” said Victor. “As our company’s focus hung on sls 3d printing for some time and [...]

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