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How HOT!Content Helps Local Businesses Connect With Their Community and Build Brand Awareness

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HOT!Content is a daily content email by industry, reputation monitoring and advertising.

HOT!Content subscribers build a loyal community and leverage community goodwill to build their brand and grow their customer base.

A recent Facebook study highlights the opportunity for local businesses to build brand awareness across communities:

  • 46% of businesses surveyed say they maintain a close connection to the local community
  • And, the feeling is mutual; 48% of people surveyed say they shop locally to support local businesses*

Social media provides a convenient way for both businesses and consumers to connect and engage to create a dynamic community. Facebook recommends the following tactics:

  1. Create your online presence
  2. Post engaging and relevant content
  3. Interact with your customers online

Two critical challenges local businesses face in building their online community are lack of time and lack of knowledge. We developed HOT!Content to overcome these two issues. Small business owners hear a lot about the potential of digital, but they don’t really understand how to use it and learning how isn’t high on their priority list. We knew we had to offer them something that they could use ‘out of the box,’ that would deliver immediate results without a significant investment in time or financial resources.

With HOT!Content, busy local businesses build, engage and retain a community of customers and prospects with relevant content; reputation monitoring and targeted advertising services. HOT!Content subscribers receive a daily email with curated content by industry that contains five articles with images or videos that are ready to post to your social media pages; reputation monitoring that alerts you when your average rating or number of consumer reviews changes; and digital advertising services.

We invite you to get started building your local business brand and community with HOT!Content. And, it is FREE. Click here to learn more!

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