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Turning Your Visitors into Customers – Conversion Marketing

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You finally have visitors on your ecommerce site. They are browsing through your products and adding to the cart! But… are they converting into sales? Conversion marketing in ecommerce is marketing with the intent of increasing conversion rate. In other words, turning more of your visitors into sales! Here are some tips on getting started in conversion marketing:

  1. Measure – Before you start make sure you can measure your conversion rate. Most ecommerce platforms have these metrics available, or use Google Analytics. Establish a baseline so you can properly evaluate your efforts.
  2. Abandoned Cart Emails69% of shopping carts are left abandoned. Set up an email reminder to attract these visitors back to your site. Most ecommerce tools, such as Shopify, make it very easy to set up these reminders. Keep them short and sweet, sometimes just a gentle reminder is all that is needed.
  3. Retargeting – A lot of site activity can be tracked using facebook and google pixels. Tracking these events is critical for conversion marketing. Once you are collecting the data you can set up simple advertising campaigns to target the shoppers that spent time on your site, abandoned carts or browsed certain products or collections. You can create conversion objective ad campaigns targeting them with special offers or discounts.
  4. Email Lists – Give your visitors a chance to sign up for an email newsletter, or special product announcements. Even if they do not buy today, they showed enough interest in your store to visit. A common practice is to pop up an email newsletter signup once they spend more than 15 seconds browsing a specific page. Create special offers for your newsletter list, or offer them a coupon just for signing up. Once you have their email the options for remarketing are endless.
  5. Shopping Ads – Facebook, Instagram and Google place shopping ads in front of consumers with an intent to buy. Add your ecommerce site’s retargeting pixels to your shopping ad campaigns , and your previous visitors will start to see more of your product ads.

Don’t get discouraged, conversion marketing takes time. Try these techniques and carefully measure your results. On average, eCommerce sites typically convert 2% of their visitors into online sales, so a 0.5% increase conversion is great progress!

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