How to Optimize Google My Business

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Claiming and Verifying your Google My Business location is the first step to ensuring customers can find your business in Google Search and Google Maps.

Now let’s ensure your customers see the best digital storefront possible!


Business Info

When you Created and Claimed your business, you provided the basics, but there’s more to a business than the address and phone number. Making sure your customers find accurate – and helpful – information is key to starting off on the right foot.

  1. Confirm your business category.
    Check to make sure you have the correct category or categories selected for your business. This will ensure you’re showing up in the right search results.
  2. Enter your business hours.
    No one wants to show up to a store to find it closed. Let your customers know when they can expect to find your doors open. You’ll also be able to enter special hours for holidays so no one is left guessing.
  3. Confirm your phone number(s).
    If you have toll-free and local numbers, you can add both here.
  4. Confirm your Website.
    Your Google listing will include a link to your website so make sure it’s sending customers to the right place. Depending on your business, you may also be able to add links for appointment booking, online ordering, or menu.
  5. Add your list of services.
    If you have a list of standard services, you can list them here along with prices.
  6. Add a description.
    Add a paragraph or two to let prospects know what you’re all about.
  7. Add an opening date.
    Let your prospects know how long you’ve been in business.


Photos & Videos

Your customers (and prospects!) want to learn about your business. Adding pictures and videos provides your customers and prospects a preview of your business before they hop in the car.

  1. Exterior Photos.
    Adding a good exterior photo or two of your storefront will help prospective customers know they’re in the right place.
  2. Interior Photos.
    Add interior photos to showcase the look and feel of your business.
  3. Videos
    If you have a video that tells the story of your business, this a great place to put it on display.
  4. At Work Photos.
    Add pictures to the “At Work” section to show off your friendly staff helping customers.
  5. Team Photos.
    Add pictures to the “Team” section to introduce prospective customers to your team before they even step foot in the store.



Not all customers want to make a phone call. These days, more and more customers would rather text or message you than talk on the phone. Google’s Messaging integration allows customers to text message you without making your mobile phone number public.



Being responsive to customer reviews is pivotal to Local SEO success. Whether it’s a simple “Thank You” when a customer leaves a positive review or jumping on a complaint to make it right, you need to be responsive. Connecting your Google My Business page to HOT!Content and enabling “Reputation Monitor” will help you stay on top of your reviews with email alerts and reporting. It’s all included in your free HOT!Content account.



Google My Business is more than just a directory listing and review site. It provides an avenue for communicating with your customers as well! Note that Google My Business posts also appear in Google Search and are especially prevalent in Google Maps, appearing in the Maps search results as well as the “Explore” and “For You” sections. Google My Business posts are a great way to let prospects and customers know what’s going on, but each post expires after 7 days so make sure you’re posting regularly – or ask us for help!


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